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Combishort Vogue v7777

Playsuit / Dress M7777 (McCalls) : how I copied Maje

Today an article”LOVE IT / MAKE IT” with the McCalls’s pattern M7777

This past year, one of the few times I did a little window shopping, I found myself at Maje in front of a kind of playsuit / dress in red and blue tartan.

Ultimate combo from my point of view, I found it great but expensive (250 €) … from my seamstress point of view who has not bought any clothing for several months anyway. Of course, I immediately told myself: I can do it! You can call me copycat ! 

Pattern McCalls M7777 (between 4 et 19$ depending on sales) The Foldline – contest prize 1 0 €
Tartan fabric


1,6 m 20,80 €
Polyester crepe  Les Coupons de St Pierre 1 m 5 €



1 1 €
Thread Stock 1 0 €
Total     26,80 €

Like, when I read seamstresses who say they do not spare money by sewing their clothes … I guess it depends on where you shopped before. I certainly can not compete with Kiabi or Jennyfer. But Maje, yes. In this regard, look at this: The True Cost  (available on Netflix). You won’t regret it 

In short, here is my pretty M7777 improved playsuit:

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

Copier Combishort Maje avec patron M7777McCalls M7777


And here is the model that I wanted to emulate and the pattern used to achieve my goal. Thanks also toThe Foldline who offered me this pattern on the occasion of my appointment as Sewing Star last year with the Charlie Caftan.

At the Maje store, I had examined the “thing” from every angle to see how it was made.

As you can see, this McCalls pattern M7777 already offered a good base: a playsuit version (but too long) and a dress version (too long too) with this large plunging neckline ❤.

But it was aloso missing the pockets (#pocketarelife) and the buttoned straps.

Modification du combishort M7777

  • Add 5-6 cm on the back shoulders to overlap with the shoulders in front;
  • Sew the shoulders back and front separately without joining them;
  • Take out 1 cm on each side of the top (seams allowance of 2 cm instead of 1.5 cm);
  • Shorten the skirt about twenty centimeters – same for the shorts;
  • Add pockets to the model of the pockets of Châtaigne shorts: remove a corner on each side of the skirt and cut 2 pockets and pockets. The pockets take up the bottom of the pocket + the cut corner of the skirt;
  • Make the shorts in lining + add a yoke at the bottom in the main fabric;
  • Assemble the shorts with the lined top and join the skirt with the main fabric top.

And pouf!

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

I must admit that I’m pretty happy with myself. I made those changes quietly, with no tearing hairs (have a look, they’re all here).

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

My M7777 playsuit, in details

The pattern offers differents versions for the A / B cups, C and D and seam allowances are included. It is fully lined. As always with McCalls, it is well explained with diagrams and real French language and grammar (and not a vague Google Translate as with Burda explanations). Obviously, I can read in English with no problems but it’s nice to have it also in your mother tongue just to be sure with the technical words.

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

These buttons that I had been gifted – but which I never thought I would use – have found their place directly. I love how they emphasize the detail of the shoulder. Well, they are simply sewn in fact … no buttonholes 

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

The tartan matching is not perfect, especially because of the various darts (chest, waist and skirt). However, I remain quite satisfied with the invisible zip which is invisible on the right side and clean on the inside. The top is fully lined, under-stitched and all the stuff.

It must be confessed, though, that the moment when you think “Time to go to the bathroom right now” needs to be anticipated in order to avoid a great moment of solitude… fighting in your cubicle between unzipping the playsuit in the back (which requires a little shoulders’s flexibility) and your need to pee .

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

And the bottom, the short replaces the skirt lining!

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

With that, it’s the freedom of shorts, I wont’ ever show my panties!

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

The “straps” are well adapted to my chest with judicious darts and differents pattern versions depending on the cups.

Conclusion on this jumpsuit M7777

Combishort Robe Vogue v7777

I love it . It is super comfortable to wear, there is nothing that stuck or squeezes. I was able to sacrifice to my love of tartan this winter with all the tranquility of the fan caught up with fashion.

This little pattern M7777 that does not look like anything totally needs to be known compared to other similar versions but without any darts that will leave some cups on the way … except if you want to sew a bag with straps 

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8 Commentaires

  • 15 January 2019 at 21:59

    Très belle réalisation. Bravo pour la personnalisation du patron,Tu pourrais rajouter une petite tresse de fils de coton DMC à ton zip pour l’attraper plus facilement pour moment de la pause pipi.

  • 16 January 2019 at 14:37

    Quelle superbe réalisation ! J’adore tout : le tissu, la coupe si originale et le seyant de la combinaison. Et, si je puis me permettre, ce qui me plaît le plus, c’est le bouton rouge. C’est le détail qui tue ! Bravo.

    • 20 January 2019 at 17:19

      Merci beaucoup ! C’est vraiment sympa

  • 18 January 2019 at 17:31

    Bravo Morgane pour cette idée de tresse au bout du ZIP

  • 20 January 2019 at 17:08
    Marcelle & Aline

    C’est vraiment très réussi ! Félicitations !

    • 20 January 2019 at 17:17

      Merci ! C’est toujours agréable d’avoir des feed-backs

  • 15 March 2019 at 11:14

    Bravo à toi. Entre la combishort de chez Maje à 250 euros et la tienne à 28 euros, on ne voit pas vraiment la différence. Quel boneheur d’être capable de copier aussi avantageusement des vêtements de marque !Moi, c’est mon rêve, j’adore Maje, Sandro, the Kooples, et adorerais être capable de faire aussi bien que toi dans l’interprétation.


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