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Sewing a black and white Juniper cardigan

This Juniper cropped cardigan is the 2nd of the name. I am in a great period of reuse of the good patterns I found in my year and a half of intensive raking of the Internet to find good patterns.

In fact, I planned to make it in plain black (because who hasn’t a need for a short black cardigan) but I had a crush on that beautiful jacquard knit … and here we go!

Juniper cardigan pattern Jennifer Lauren Handmade 1 Déjà rentabilisé
Black & white gradient knit Annaka Bazaar 1 m 11,20 €
Black bias Petite Étoile 1,20 m 1,44 €
Buttons Stock 0 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     12,64 €

The pattern of the Juniper cropped cardigan

I have already done a review of this pattern with my test version in the purple knit. It’s a must-have in the pattern library in my opinion, with a short version and a long version, a V-neck and hammer sleeves.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

It is wearable both open or closed … on my version the first button doesn’t want to remain closed but it ok.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

The short version is particularly practical to match with high-waisted bottoms as it’s the trend for some time … here, a skirt I’ll talk about soon.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

Let’s talk 2 seconds about that beautiful jacquard jersey. Bought in sale at Annaka Bazaar, it is still available, but no more sale.

Very comfy and easy to sew, this fabric is sold in panels because of the gradient but with a very wide width… So, I had to pay attention to the placement of the pieces when I cut.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

I’m happy with the result. The sleeves are aligned with the top of the bust and it was not easy.

The making and mods of the Juniper pattern

I fully assembled it with the overlocker except for some top stitching with my machine. It’s a breeze.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

I added a bias on the neckband which has the double advantage of being decorative and to stabilize the band.

As this jersey doesn’t have an excellent recovery (the elbow gets puffy at the end of a day to wear it – yes, have a look at the photos), it’s not too bad to have a of stabilization on the neckband.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

Another addition: a small patch pocket that looks like nothing but can save me to carry my phone or a handkerchief.

To sew a patch pocket on a knit fabric, I recommend the using some washable sticker tape. Like, the Wonder Tape or the equivalent at Clover. It holds the pocket in place to sew (like basting) and it stiffens it a bit to prevent the knit getting distorted during sewing.

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

A small photo zoomed on the hammer sleeve which is a variant of the raglan sleeve: a type of sleeve created for comfort.

To read: the very interesting article of Julien Scavini (tailor for men) on his blog Stiff Colar!

Cardigan Juniper (Jennifer Lauren Handmade)

Final word about the Juniper cropped cardigan

This vest has become a basic of my wardrobe. I wear it regularly. It is easy to match and comfortable to wear. I think I will do others in the future because when sewing ease meets wearing convenience, it is inevitably a pattern to repeat!

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7 Commentaires

  • 29 April 2019 at 08:32

    j’adore ! je ne connaissais pas jennifer lauren j’aime beaucoup ce qu’elle fait ^_^ par contre j’ai besoin de quelques précisions 😉 bon en fait j’ai mes réponses je suis allée lire ton article sur ton 1 er Juniper ^_^par contre ton tissu est sublime !! il se vend encore en panneau de 0.80 cm sur 180 de laize est ce que ça a été suffisent pour toi ? ou est ce qu’il t’a fallu 2 panneaux ? je me rends compte que j’ai eu le même style mais en rouge ici https://shop.magic.fr/epages/y9rhb9xk.sf/secbe336c2418/?ObjectPath=/Shops/y9rhb9xk/Products/849 j’avais fais la robe Fannie dedans qui est une merveille a coudre, le tissu hein bon la robe aussi ^_^ après re-lecture tu marques 1 m de tissu utilisé c’est ce qu’il t’a fallu pour ce gilet ?

    • 29 April 2019 at 12:18

      Non, justement, ce gilet demande très très peu de tissu. Un panneau était suffisant, d’autant plus qu’avec 180 cm de large, ça donne de la marge.
      Très joli ton tissu. J’aime bien Fleur de Tissu, ils ont des étoffes qu’on ne trouve pas partout.

  • 29 April 2019 at 14:05

    merci c’est gentil ^_^ encore plus intéressant j’aime bien les projets avec peu de tissu

    • 29 April 2019 at 15:45

      C’est clair ! Ça permet de se faire plaisir avec un beau tissu sans exploser le budget 😉

  • 30 April 2019 at 15:31

    Franchement, tu as drôlement bien exploité les nuances de ce jacquard. Et j’aime beaucoup l’idée de la bande de biais le long du boutonnage.

  • 2 May 2019 at 10:12

    Merci pour la découverte ! je ne connaissais pas de patron et juste de nom cette marque.Ta version est très sympa, tu as bien fait de craquer pour cette maille.

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