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High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

Sewing the High Cuff Sweater (The Assembly Line)

If you’ve been reading my blog or Instagram for a while, you know I love jacquard fabric. And to be comfortable in my clothes. Hmmm … that’s not always compatible in terms of patterns. Until I find the High Cuff Sweater pattern by the Swedish brand The Assembly Line: a woven sweatshirt! Woohoo! I admit I was quite intrigued and here’s what it looks like …

Pattern High Cuff Sweater Metermeter.dk 1 23,50 €
Jacquard small bolt La Textilerie ~ 1 m 1 €
Jersey ribbing Driessen Stoffen 0,5 m 2,50 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     18,40 €

The High Cuff Sweater pattern

I bought this pattern during the sales at MeterMeter.dk, a Danish haberdashery that offers very pretty fabrics (some organic) and original patterns, but unfortunately, quite expensive. The Assembly Line is an expensive brand from the French point of view, the Swedish standard of living being higher.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

Patron pochette High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

The pattern is in a size A4 envelope entirely in black & white. The pattern sheet is very clear, printed on 90g paper.

The instructions are very complete, with explanations for reading the symbols on the pattern and basic notions for sewing & seam. Sizes go from XS (bust = 80 cm) to XXL (bust = 123 cm) and the measurements of the finished garment are also given.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

This does not appear on the technical drawing (oooh not good!) but the boss offers chest darts.

The pattern calls for a 1.1 m … I think it may be even a less since I managed to put it in a small 2nd hand coupon (not at all rectangular) jacquard bought La Textilerie … after a little while playing Tetris anyway. Sometimes you have to think a little outside the box.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

Otherwise, the pattern has slightly drop sleeves, with very flat sleeves head. In the back, the ribbing goes higher to accompany the backside.

The High Cuff Sweater sewing

Let’s talk 2 min of the fabric. It is a beautiful jacquard of unknown composition because of it’s 2nd hand status. There is a bit of lurex obviously as it shines but otherwise, I think it’s cotton. It remains soft with a somewhat rigid hand, probably a fabric for decoration originally. Which gives him this effect a little bouffant with this boss.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

The High Cuff Sweater is really easy to sew. The sleeves are sewn flat and the ribbing at the collar, cuffs and hem is easy to assemble. A nice sweater project for beginners who don’t feel to try knit fabric just yet.

Personally, I assembled this with the serger, but it would work very well to a sewing machine.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

I just complicated my life a bit by incorporating the edge of this beautiful fabric on the neckline. But it was too beautiful to stay hidden or end up in the trash, isn’t it? I have also kept a piece of it for a future project.

High Cuff Sweater pattern by The Assembly Line

Only point of attention with the High Cuff Sweater maybe: the bottom ribbing is cut in one piece. It is better to buy a sufficiently wide ribbing. A width of 70 cm is sufficient in size S.

Last word on the High Cuff Sweater

Although it is true that it has a quite puffy look, very 90’s, I really like this sweatshirt. I like to wear beautiful fabrics and this High Cuff Sweater allows me to do just that. I will definitely reiterate with a softer fabric that fall better. The result will be totally different, and that the real pleasure of sewing!

I wear it regularly and I recommend it warmly!

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2 Commentaires

  • 23 May 2019 at 16:07

    Très joli sweat, dans un très joli tissu. J’adore ce bleu. La forme de la ceinture est originale. La mercerie danoise où tu t’es fournie propose-t-elle une boutique en ligne? ou as-tu fait une escapade danoise?J’avais pour ma part fait une petite virée à Copenhague l’année passée et j’ai acheté quelques jolis coupons (pas bleus !), mais pour l’instant je n’en ai rien fait (pas bien !)…

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