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Sewing the style 2 Darcey bra

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After my pretty style 3 Darceys, I decided to sew a style 2 Darcey bra, ie with a triangle shape and a plunging neckline. Having finally found a nice stretch mesh at Éco-Laines in Rennes during my holidays in Brittany (thank you Mom!), I was able to make a lined version with a very soft jersey.

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Darcey pattern bra Evie La Luve 1 0 €
Yellow modal (remnants) Tissus.net 0,4 0 €
Black mesh Éco-laines 0,5 3,95 €
Bra strap elastic Éco-laines 0,9 2,40 €
Frilly elastic + FOE Mercerie Extra 1 0,60 €
Band elastic Mercerie Extra 1 0,65 €
Hook & eye Aliexpress 1 0,80 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     8,40 €

The style 2 Darcey pattern

The style 2 Darcey bra has 2 pattern pieces in common with the Darcey style 3:

  • the back
  • the front side

The last piece, the middle front is specific to style 2.

With this version, it is possible to use a fantasy or picot elastic for the neckline in front … which I happily put into practice with this pretty frilly elastic!

The little knot comes from the Aiguilles en Fêtes show, where a breast cancer association offered self-picked sachets of bra bow. Brilliant idea!

Sewing the style 2 Darcey bra

The Darcey style 2 is just as simple and easy to sew as style 3. With the burrito technic, the interior is all clean and smooth.

I added a little fantasy on the back with a thin  elastic that I forked.

Again some pictures with the bra worn, all for the good lingerie sewing cause!

The Darcey style 3 shape doesn’t really fits well because of the shape of my wide boobs. The plunging neckline does not allow the bra to bring the “suburbs to Paris” or, more prosaically, to bring the boob’s mass back to the center.

I try to take the habit to sew a pair of matching panties for each bra creation to have pretty sets. I admit that it’s super nice to wear a set … I have the impression that it’s a special every time XD

Lasts words on the style 2 Darcey bra

Even if I find this bra super nice, I don’t think I’ll make it again that style since it doesn’t quite fit my body. I would have to add a little material on the middle to make it fit properly.

A better idea still would be the “keyhole” add-on (on the left) where the elastics come to squeeze the breast back to the middle. I don’t know if I would put so many straps on the other hand … I don’t really see myself as a “Domina Queen”!

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6 Commentaires

  • 21 September 2019 at 22:11

    Celui là aussi est superbe, l’effet resille sur un fond de couleur rend très bien. Bravo.
    C’est quoi le patron de la culotte assortie ?

  • 21 September 2019 at 22:26

    C’est très joli. Je valide et le commentaire de Mukikoo et ta remarque sur ce modèle qui n’est pas celui qui sied le plus à ta morphologie.
    Ramener la banlieue vers Paris

    • 22 September 2019 at 12:25

      Oui, on est d’accord. C’est fou comme coudre me pousse à réfléchir plus sur ma morphologie. Je m’aperçois que j’ai des idées préconçues sur moi-même ce que je trouve assez fou quand même.

  • 22 September 2019 at 07:07

    de mieux en mieux ! tu te perfectionnes il est superbe ils le sont tous d’ailleurs ! c’est le genre de soutif que j’adore et que je porte fréquemment mais je suis bien moins lotie que toi !

    • 22 September 2019 at 12:10

      Merci ! C’est vrai que je suis vraiment satisfaite des finitions de celui-ci !

  • 22 September 2019 at 17:44

    Je suis toujours aussi admirative : faire tes soutifs… et voir ce qui te vas ou pas…. Moi avec ma poitrine généreuse … je n’ai pas bcp de choix… ceci dit je choisis tjrs la même marque…


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