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Oh ! ⚡️Sewing the Frau Josy top (Studio Schnittreif)

Bis repetita squared (!) This is the 2nd time I have sewed the Frau Josy top and the 2nd top in that Oh⚡️ jersey fabric. If you follow a little, this fabric should remind you of something … 😉

The keyword of this project is therefore “profitability”.

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Jersey bio marine & or Hamburger Liebe (chutes) Tissus.net < 1 m 0 €
Chutes lamées dorées (merci @Selenz)   0,2 m 0 €
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The Frau Josy pattern

The Frau Josy top is a pattern for jersey fabric, with raglan cap sleeves and a round neckline.

The cut of the t-shirt is fitted but not tight.

I reread my 2018 article on the Frau Josy top, first of the name (My! Time flies my friends), and I reiterate my disappointment with the pattern drawn by hand without the possibility of choosing layers.

top Josy Studio Schnittreif

That said, it comes along quite easily.

Certain pieces not having exactly the same length at the assembly seam but it is intentional I think to help to shape the seams. And it is very easy to sew with the elasticity of the jersey.

It really confirms that Germans are specialists in jersey patterns.

Frau Josy top pattern by Studio Schnittreif

Sewing the Frau Josy top

Once my Marlene top sewn into this very pretty jersey, I noticed that I still had quite a lot of fabric on my initial 1.20 m.

So I scoured my pattern stash in search of a jersey top not too greedy in fabric … And that’s it! Marlene’s little sister, Josy seemed to do the job well.

Officially the pattern needs 85 cm of fabric. I think it is in reality, in size M, around 65-70 cm.

top Josy Studio Schnittreif

This top was quickly sewn since I took my size M pieces cut 1 year and a half ago.

Once the fabric was cut, I decided to use the wrong side of the fabric of the sleeves to contrast.

I do not know why but with the raglan sleeves, I can’t help it!

Frau Josy top pattern by Studio Schnittreif

And even, I was ambitious but I also cut a Malicieuse briefs by Etoffe Malicieuse.

top Josy Studio Schnittreif

This is why I made some adaptations according to my remaining fabric:

  • no sleeve bands to the cap sleeves
  • no neckband

Front of Frau Josy pattern by Studio Schnittreif

Since the neckline is largely wide enough to let pass 3 heads, I was able to finish it with a classic piping, not stretchy for one bit.

I had already done this on my Kommatia bat dress but I had the impression of breaking the rules …

However, recently Rachel, a professional seamstress has published a tutorial on her Instagram account to show how to apply a bias on a jersey t-shirt neckline. AH! So I was not a heretic;)

top Josy Studio Schnittreif

This tutorial makes me vaguely dream of having an industrial machine every time I watch it. But whatever.

And it also reminds me that I would like tips and teachers of this caliber at Artesane (a french Craftsy).

Anyway. End of digression.

Otherwise, I really exhausted the very last of the golden lurex remnant Selenz gave me with a small rectangular pocket.

Finally, a photo of my hairless underarm to show you the simple hem made with the covering machine for the armholes. Only possible because I did not sew the cuffs.

On the version with reverse, this is the place that I find delicate. Besides, it unravels a little on my 1st version of the Frau Josy top.

Here is a back of a top with raglan sleeves that does not make me the shoulders of an Olympic swimmer (a status that would be totally usurped by the way … I can only swim breaststroke).

top Josy Studio Schnittreif


As I noted the first time, this pattern will most likely experience multiple iterations. It consumes little fabric. In addition, I find it both very fitting in its cut and very practical & fun to play with fabrics.


Note for the curious: the straps that appear on the photo above belong to a Bohème bra of Étoffe Malicieuse (article to come in not too long).

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Frau Josy pattern by Studio Schnittreif Frau Josy pattern by Studio Schnittreif

Coudre la veste #101 Burda n°239 – 11/2019
Oh ! ⚡️Coudre la culotte Malicieuse (Étoffe Malicieuse)

8 Commentaires

  • 16 May 2020 at 21:47

    Très sympa, belle optimisation des chutes !

    • 20 May 2020 at 09:14

      Yes ! C’est la double satisfaction 🙂

  • 16 May 2020 at 22:34

    Oh une Mme Josy qui brille ! Super joli ce jersey. Voilà du déstockage bien optimisé.

  • 17 May 2020 at 23:35

    J’adore tes deux versions de Mme Josy avec peut-être une préférence pour les toucans! Bonne opération de rentabilisation du tissu..

    • 20 May 2020 at 09:13

      Les toucans sont cools aussi… et c’est la saison de les porter !

  • 20 May 2020 at 07:09

    Excellente utilisation du tissu, et le biais doré pour l’encolure est au top !

  • 20 May 2020 at 07:16
    Céline bis

    Je viens de regarder la vidéo pour le biais, super, merci pour la référence – par contre, le tien est apparent et dans ce cas je trouve ça bien mieux…

    • 20 May 2020 at 09:10

      En fait, c’est parce que je n’ai pas posé un biais mais un passepoil dont la vocation est d’être visible. Mais la technique est similaire 😉