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Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

Robinson pants: comfy and chic (Ensemble Patterns)

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3rd version of the Robinson pants, after the trial version with the wrong fabric and the version with flannel modifications. This is the final version, the one I will wear often, to go to work with and being comfortable (a major criterion for me) and chic!

I used a Pretty Mercerie khaki chino which is actually a 195 gsm cotton twill with 3% spandex and a black twill ribbon for the chopsticks on the sides.

Patron PDF pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns 1 8,42 €
Chino kaki Pretty Mercerie 1,8 m 15,90 € €
Viscose (chutes) Églantine & Zoé 0,4 0 €
Fil Stock 0 €
Élastique ceinture Fil 2000 0,8 0,30 €
Ruban sergé Mercerie Extra 2 m 1,20 €
Total     30,12 €

Other versions :

The Robinson trousers pattern

Well, I’m not going to bother you again with the quality of the Robinson trousers pattern and its instructions: if you want to know more about it, check it here and there.

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Chino Kaki

Definitely, these deep deep pockets are well positioned and do not bring any volume on the hips… so practical.

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Chino Kaki

Finitions of the Robinson trousers

To finish the legs, I sewed again a faux cuff. It’s fast and easy to make and I think it’s classier than just a hem.

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

The small novelty on this version is the presence of “tuxedo style” ribbons on the sides of the legs. The pattern also offers explanations about how to sew this pretty detail.

A twill ribbon sewn on each edge along the entire leg length do the trick. Which means you need to start by sewing the leg’s front and back together, then the ribbon, then you sew the right & left legs together.

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

The small percentage of spandex in the fabric brings more comfort to the movements. I highly recommend it !

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

For the inside of the Italian pockets, I used small remnants of a gorgeous Eglantine and Zoe’s viscose. It gives me a sensation of luxury!

Speaking of pockets, on the last 2 versions, I didn’t sew the pocket facings. The Robinson pants’s pattern offers facings for each part of the pocket: the front pocket and the front side pocket.

poches pantalon Robinson

The idea is to make the pockets in a light fabric and the facings in pants fabric to prevent the pocket to show from the outside.

For my part, I skipped the facings to make the front side pocket in the pants fabric (this is the part that we see on the side – bottom on the diagram) and the front pocket with a light fabric (the hidden part – at the top on the diagram).

Pockets, the best way to destash your remnants!

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

Robinson pants 3rd version: the icing on the cake

This smart idea of embroidery has been waiting in my Pinterest boards for a long time and now, I’ve finally made it!

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

It is a straight stitch embroidery, nothing too fancy!

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

Review of the Robinson trousers

As for my others Robinson trousers… I’m not going to ramble, I’m very happy. I have a new classic in my closet, that can go out often and make me feel chic and comfy. I even made a little dance of joy (a Happy Feet move for Jazz Root specialists!).

I’m going to take a short break from Robinson now. Next, I think I will test the Bruges trousers by Orageuse… Stay tuned!

Pantalon Robinson Ensemble Patterns Chino Kaki

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7 Commentaires

  • 18 November 2018 at 13:53

    Je valide aussi cette version kaki joliment rehaussé par ce bandeau noir.

  • 18 November 2018 at 22:11

    Je trouve sur la photo la ceinture élastiquée un peu large – Mais peut être porté et “en vrai” cela ne fait pas le même effet… mais beau travail une fois de plus et le bandeau “noir” fait chic

  • 18 November 2018 at 22:13

    Très beau travail – Chic – Je trouve la ceinture un peu large – Mais peut être es ce une impression de photo…

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  • 27 January 2019 at 15:35
    christine salinas

    J’aime beaucoup ce patron et vos interprétations ! je n’ai jamais acheté cette marque et j’aimerais savoir si les explications sont en français , pouvez-vous me renseigner svp ?Bravo aussi pour votre blog et toutes les explications que vous partagez.

    • 27 January 2019 at 16:41

      Bonjour Christine 🙂 Non, les explications sont en anglais mais avec beaucoup de schémas très clairs. La créatrice parle français. Sur la page du patron (lien dans mon article), vous trouverez des images de ces explications pour vous faire une idée. Bonne couture !

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