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Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Flanelle Robinson trousers (Ensemble Patterns)

After my 1st Robinson trousers sewn in a not very comfortable gabardine, I did it again with the ultimate cozy fabric: flanelle.

PDF pattern Robinson trousers Ensemble Patterns 1 8,42 €
Tartan Flanelle Mondial Tissu 2 m 15 €
Blue cupro remnant Stock 0,4 0 €
Thread Stock 0 €
Elastic Stock 1,8 0 €
Velvet ribbon Stragier 1,5 m 2,55 €
Total 17,55 €

One year ago, all astonished and innocent in my discovery of sewing internet and its online fabric shops, I jumped on the 1st discount I laid my eyes upon: “1m offered for 2m bought” from Mondial Tissu.

Innocent as I was, I thought it would the first and the last fabric discount I would ever see in my life. LOL. 

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

In that context, I made all the error a newbie sewist could make… I bought:

  • without any project in mind
  • without any real love for the fabrics
  • not great quality fabrics
  • because it was quite cheap and on discount

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)


Modifications on the 2nd version of the Robinson trousers

With the first one, I found that the middle back had a tendency to pull down. So I lengthened the back crotch of 2 cm… I could I’ve done a bit more as you can see on the pic below but, frankly, It’s totally OK on a daily basis.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

That modifications can seem complicated but it’s really not!

Here’s the same mods done by my sister on her trousers.

As you can see, easy peasy. Pif, paf, pouf.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Apart from that, I’ve slightly modified the waistband with 2 narrow elastics and a velvet ribbon, but I detail that below.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

I struggled a second time with that f****** round pocket. I’m now very sure that I find it too annoying to bother a third time.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Details on the flanelle Robinson trousers

I’ve changed the waistband to replace the 4cm wide elastic to two 7mm elastics on the top and bottom of the waisband. Those elastics are slackier than the one on the first trouser.
In the middle, I put a ribbon allowing a finer ajustement on the degree of the tightness around my belly to anticipate for meals and stuff.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)
Pockets are lined with the cupro remnants from my M7726 trousers.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Hems are finished with faux cuffs. So easy to make, it’s better than letting the inside seams when rolling the hems.

Pantalon Robinson écossais (Ensemble Patterns)

Last word on the flanelle Robinson trousers

The non-strech flanelle works well also with that pattern. It fits well and make me more chic than ever in homewear.

There’s still no wiskers or crease but the fabrics give some slack at the knees after some hours spent sitting on the couch surfing on Instagram and blogs.

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  • 8 November 2018 at 11:15

    Pas mal pour une tenue décontractée en intérieur : je pensais au départ que c’etait Pour l’extérieur Et je tiquais un peu

    • 8 November 2018 at 13:40

      Cc, j’avais déjà aimé ce patron à ta 1ère réalisation; et je suis convaincue avec celle-ci! par-contre peux tu me dire si les explications sont également en français; sinon impossible pour moi; bonne semaine à toi!

  • 11 November 2018 at 17:56

    Trop beau !!!Il me donne envie de vivre en pantalon à carreaux, près de la cheminée, en compagnie de mugs et de livres…

    • 11 November 2018 at 22:18

      Oh oui ! Une cheminée !

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