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pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

Black Robinson Trousers: 1st test and error (Ensemble Patterns)

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Those Robinson trousers are my second try to sew a hip-fitting trousers. The Cleome from Blousette Rose was my first attempt but I still haven’t been able to ajust it…

No problem of that sort with the Robinson trousers. It fits really well on the first try. So why the error you’ll ask me? (if you’re in a hurry, it’s right at the bottom of this post, ha!)


PDF Pattern Robinson trousers Ensemble Patterns 1 8,42 €
Heavy black gabardine Tissus de Rêve 2 m 5 €
Liberty bias remnants Stock 0,4 0 €
Fil Stock 0 €
Elastic (waistband) Fil 2000 0,8 0,30 €
Legs zips Mercerie Extra 2 1,5 €
Total 13,42 €

Pattern of Robinson trousers

option pantalon robinsonEnsemble Patterns is a Quebecker brand and Célina, the creator, work also on the Petit à petit +family kid’s patterns brand.

The pattern of the Robinson trousers offers a extremely detailed and illustrated leaflet. The PDF allows to print only the size we want and all the patterns pieces connects nicely.

Moreover, the Robinson trousers exists in 2 versions for woven fabric and stretchy fabric.

And last but not least, the pattern gives us 6 options for the hems.

Frankly, the value for money is excellent.
pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

Coupe du pantalon Robinson

The Robinson Trouser is elasticized waistband trousers (but with a faux fly) with a peg ankle length pant and a neat pin tuck to make it smart.

As you can see, no disgratful creases on the front crotch and without any fitting.

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

There’s also biiig italian pockets very nicely cut. They hold in place and don’t show (unless you cram your pockets full of things of course).

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

On the back, there’s 1 or 2 pockets offered… but here, frankly, rounded pockets ! What a pain in the ass they are!

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

In the back, it fits really well in spite of my hollowing of the lower back. Even with the elasticized waistband, there’s not many pleats ou bulk.

But, because of my calipiginess (trad. : I’ve got a respectable derriere), the waistband give a bit in the back, especially when sitting. In all honesty, I often got the same problem with retail pants but you get difficult when you sew your own clothes!

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

Détails du pantalon Robinson

I couldn’t resist Liberty bias on the pockets…

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

For the hems, I think I chose the most nightmarish one… especially with the crapy fabric choice I made.

It’s an heavy gabardine, more a coat fabric than trouser’s one. It made sewing small details quite frustrating.

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

When wearing it, that heavy gabardine is not really comfortable and would probably have been unwearable if not for the bit of stretch.

pantalon Robinson noir (Ensemble Patterns)

Conclusion sur le pantalon Robinson d’Ensemble Patterns

Despite my fabric mistake, I was very enthused by this pattern and I planned to sew another right away. But we were in April and summer fell on Paris brutally and dampened my trousers sewing mojo.

I got back on it in september but motivation was not very hight due to the 26° until the middle of October. Nonetheless, I do have 2 more to show very soon.

Disclaimer : I love tem.

I strongly recommend you to purchase this pattern. A great source of hems and good reference for a nice crotch curve.

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8 Commentaires

  • 29 October 2018 at 09:53

    Wahou ! pantalon très réussi ! J’étais à la recherche d’un patron pour mon 1er pantalon, je crois que je l’ai trouvé grâce à toi; par contre petite question à laquelle tu pourrais peut-être me répondre : les explications sont-elles aussi en français ?Si oui, je tiendrai compte de tes recommandations pour le tissu. Bonne semaine.

    • 29 October 2018 at 09:57

      Hello Clémentine !
      Merci 🙂
      Non, les explications sont en anglais mais avec beaucoup de dessins. Franchement, avec un petit coup de Google Translate (en copiant depuis le pdf) si tu es vraiment coincée, ça doit le faire

  • 29 October 2018 at 12:01
    cousette 31

    Merci pour ce retour. Je l’ai également cousu, 2 fois et la première fois avec la fameuse gabardine stretch achetée chez Toto en 3m. Je confirme qu’avec un tissus plus souple, c’est mieux. Il te va très bien, je vais tenter cette version avec fermeture éclair

  • 1 November 2018 at 22:22

    Dommage pour le tissu casse pieds, il est très sympa ce pantalon. J’aime bien cette finition en bas des jambes.

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  • 18 November 2018 at 13:46

    Très très sympa. Je valide à 200% le choix du modèle et toutes les finitions. Un gros mot par post, c’est une bonne résolution !


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