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Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

Sewing a corduroy Turia dungaree

2nd version of the Turia dungaree, I had to make and remake a few details. It also gave me a lot of trouble to take correct pictures! Black fabric … Those overalls, I had them in mind, very quickly, last summer after sewing my first version in chambray. Sewn with the same modifications as the first one (shorter bib and tapered legs), the corduroy has not reacted at all like the chambray.

Turia dungaree pattern (already rentabilized) Pauline Alice 1 0 €
Black corduroy Mercerine 1,8 m 19,62 €
Black Ikat cotton Fibers to Fabric 1 m 6,80 €
Black lining ? 0,5 m 2,50 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Hook Mercerie extra 1 2,30 €
Zip Fil 2000 2 1 €
Total     31,22 €

Turia dungaree sewing

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

Those overalls, I imagined them in velvet from the beginning but in color … red, mustard … and then I told myself that a basic, black for example, wouldn’t hurt. I sewed it in this cotton corduroy with a big but soft rib. But zero zero mechanical give.

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

After my first headache to have nice finish the overalls Turia’s bib, I decided to line it fully. Then I finished the bottom of the bib lining by enclosing the seam between the bib and the pants with a hand seam.

For the lining, I used this black ikat cotton straight from India via Etsy. I only bought a small piece, so perfect for the lining.

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

I also reiterated my contrasted lapel for the bottom of the pants.

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

The photo above does not help you much for sewing, but it’s pretty, right? I take this opportunity to thank Morgane for the photos! What talent !

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

Once again, I fully doubled the pockets. This is not planned in the pattern (and it’s a shame) but I really think it’s much cleaner way to go!

Mods & problems

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

First modification that I decided on the fly while sewing: the pockets on the bib. The idea was to work with the fabric’s ribs’s direction and to have a pocket big enough for my phone (since the phones never stop growing … but the pockets stays the same size!). Well, in the end, the pockets are not really functional but it’s still a funny detail.

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

The 2nd headache: the shoulders straps. On the 1st version, no worries. On this version … I was very tight and uncomfortable at first. The suspenders did not sliped on the garment underneath when I sat due to the not slippery ikat cotton … which created a very tight place between the legs. Not a nice sensation.

So I took off the straps to redo them with an acetate lining, which slides. It’s better.

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

3rd headache: the sides zippers. On the 1st version, and as reported by other bloggers, a single zipper on one side was enough.

On this dungaree, I had several tears on the unzipped side when I wore it at the beginning. Despite several attempts to strengthen the seam, I felt it wouldn’t hold. Why ? The fabric? The lack of ease related to the unslippery braces? Mystery…

Anyway, when I re-made the suspenders, I added the zip that I had omitted.


Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

If I really wanted to be even more a perfectionist, I could possibly remake (again) the shoulder straps with an added 5-6 cm. But hey, it’s okay huh!

Patron Salopette Turia (Pauline Alice)

Derniers mots sur la salopette Turia

I admit that these little hiccups quite annoyed me. I’ve been looking, half-dreaming half-questioning, to the Danielle overalls from République du Chiffon. Did you test it? Do you have an opinion? Don’t hesitate to tell me!

Finally, I wear it regularly. Pants with no squeezy waist & belly are priceless when you have endometriosis! And then, I think that the overalls is one of the rare ’90s style that I still valid as much. Since we will eat 90s style for a while, get ready!

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Patron Salopette Dungarees Overalls Turia (Pauline Alice)

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3 Commentaires

  • 2 June 2019 at 08:48

    Oooh j’adooore ta salopette ! Le tissu de la doublure est tellement joli, tu as bien fait de créer ce joli revers décoratif. Et bravo pour ta persévérance. Ça valait le coup.

  • 10 June 2019 at 12:08

    Très bon travail comme d’hab… Bravo

    • 17 June 2019 at 11:26

      Merci MM <3