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Sewing the Darcey bra (style 3): ups & downs

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Hey! Here is the comeback of my adventures to sew a bra with finally some victories o/ The Darcey bra pattern by Evie La Luve allowed me to finally really touch success. After my previous fails, it really made me happy!

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Dotted black & white bra

While doing my test and try toiles for the Marcus bra, Evie la Luve has released a nice kit and a new pattern, the Queenie bralette. Quite frustrated with my current attempts at the moment, I bought the kit, the Queenie pattern and the Darcey bra pattern.

Darcey pattern Evie La Luve 1 8,80 €
Little dots jersey (remnants) Stragier 0,1 0 €
Black stretch tulle (remnants) Stragier 0,1 0 €
White powernet lining Evie La Luve 0,1 4,20 €
Ring & sliders Aliexpress 4 0,36 €
FOE 15 mm Fil 2000 1 0,30 €
Strap elastic 12 mm Mercerie Extra 1,5 0,99 €
Hook & eyes Aliexpress 1 0,80 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     15,45 €


Soutien-gorge DarceyThe Darcey bra pattern

Darcey is a basic of Evie La Luve’s range of patterns. The pattern offers 4 different styles + an option, to multiply the versions.

  • Style 1 offers a classic soft bra, with a reasonable cleavage.
  • Style 2 offers a plunging neckline.
  • Style 3 takes the form of style 1 but with a pattern piece designed to insert some sheer fabric (kind of tulle) and bring a sexier side.
  • Style 4 offers lace insertion on style 1
  • + an option allows to add some lace at the bottom of the bra fot a long version.

The booklets are really excellent from my point of view: the photos are extremely clear & pretty, the explanations perfectly detailed with the indications to have the right lengths of elastic and really professional finishes. You can see an example of the explanations on my article on the Marcus bra.

Soutien-gorge Darcey

Sewing the Darcey bra

Suffice to say that with these explanations, the seam Darcey bra went way better than the previous one. That being, wiser after my previous experiences, I still made a toile using style 2. Which turned out a great fit at the first try. Yay!

Du coup, j’ai directement enchainé sur une première version… avec le style 3. J’ai utilisé des chutes de mon jersey à pois dont j’avais déjà fait une robe Moneta, un t-shirt Erell et 2 culottes. On pourra dire que je l’ai rentabilisé celui-là ! 

J’ai aussi utilisé le tulle extensible de chez Stragier qui convient parfaitement à cette utilisation pour le coup.

Suddenly, I directly went to sew a first version … with the style 3. I used remnants of my polka dots jersey with which I had already made a Moneta dress, an Erell t-shirt and 2 panties. A profitable fabric!

I also used the Stragier stretch tulle (used on the Watson bra) which is perfect for this use.

The whole construction of the bra is done with the burrito technique which allows to enclose all seams properly. This avoids any seam friction on the skin and offers incomparable finishes.

Soutien-gorge Darcey

Elastic side, the pre-folded elastic purchased at Fil 2000 is not crazy in terms of quality. It tends to wave when sewn, it stretches too much I think. But, the elastic used for the underbust band and straps is top, soft and pretty. I bought it at Mercerie Extra that I recommend for lingerie supplies.

However, I used it for suspenders when it is better for the underbust band … but I made a mistake when I ordered and I found myself with 10 m of dark brown strap elastic … So, I had to make do with what I had!

Once finished and tried, this bra fits me totally and better, it is super comfortable!

Soutien-gorge Darcey noir & rose

My euphoria over the first frank success in terms of bra pushed me to sew a second bra right away, exactly the same model.

Darcey bra Evie La Luve 1 0 €
Glossy black jersey Mercerie Extra 0,4 3 €
Black big dots stretch tulle Mercerine 0,4 3,32 €
Black powernet lining  Aliexpress 0,4 2,40 €
Rings and sliders Aliexpress 4 0,36 €
Underbust elastic Reste Master Class 1 0 €
FOE 15 mm Fil 2000 1 0,30 €
Pink strap elastic 12 mm Mercerie Extra 1 0,85 €
Hooks & eyes  Aliexpress 1 0,80 €
Thread Stock 0 0 €
Total     11 €


This time, I used a shiny black jersey from Mercerie Extra and Mercerine’s big tone-on-tone dot fishnet. For the elastic band, it’s a remnant of my Master Class with Marie Poisson and the straps are also from Mercerie Extra.

Soutien-gorge Darcey

It all works as well as the first time.

I hesitated quite a lot to put pictures of me wearing the bra because well … the internets and all the crazies. (So, if you’re one of the crazies, please don’t contact me, thanks.) But, the photos with the bra on is really what I look for when I look for examples of achievements. So, here is for whom it may interest.

Soutien-gorge Darcey

Last words on the Darcey bra

So clearly, I haven’t said my last word with this bra pattern . It fits me perfectly and I know that the explanations will allow me to sew the different styles without any problems. In addition to 3 styles not yet tried, there are also two more variations available in the shop … so it’s not over!

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7 Commentaires

  • 21 August 2019 at 13:12

    Franchement top ce soutien gorge Darcey. Merci de nous avoir présenté des photos du sg porté. Il est très beau et te va super bien.

  • 30 August 2019 at 21:27

    C’est très réussi et très élégant.Les tissus sont top. Tu as eu raison de persévérer.

  • 2 September 2019 at 17:18

    Du coup, je suis très tentée par Evie la Luve…alors que jusqu’à présent, je léchais la vitrine, sans sauter le pas. En plus, il est vraiment beau ce SG, avec ses découpes en tulle.Ses ADD-ON ont l’air attrayant aussi. Merci pour ce retour.Très jolis les 2 modèles. Et les culottes à pois ont été réalisées avec quel modèle ?Merci.

    • 3 September 2019 at 15:54

      Merci pour ton message 😉

  • […] mes jolis Darcey style 3, j’ai décidé de me coudre un soutien-gorge Darcey style 2, c’est à dire avec une […]


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