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Cannes Top and the almost uncovered shoulders (Studio Calicot)

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I had noticed this lovely Cannes t-shirt several times but the width of the neckline scared me a bit… Who wants to spend all day pulling up the shoulders of their shirt? Who does?

And then @Noueuse posted it on Instagram (well, the bodysuit version) assuring me that it stays on the shoulders like a mussel on a rock. So, barely a year later, here’s who it is!

Call me Flash Couture.

Hop, the 5th project checked off my list of 2021 couture projects!

Cannes t-shirt PDF pattern by Studio Calicot (on sale) Makerist 1 2 €
Black jersey knit Toto Tissus 1,3 m 11 €
Clear elastic Stock 2 m 0,10 €
Thread Stock 1 0 €
Total     13,10 €

The Cannes t-shirt pattern

The Cannes t-shirt is a super tight t-shirt with extremely open shoulders over a wide V-neckline.

The pattern also offers 2 finishes for the sleeves and the hem: with finishing bands or with a classic hem with a overlocker or double needle.

I can’t really tell if the sleeves are set-in or raglan. But no matter, the fit is perfect.

Indeed, as promised, the shoulders of this shirt do not move one iota. However, we agree, no matter what, the bra straps will be visible.

Own it or skip it.

Sewing the Cannes T-shirt

For this very tight pattern, I graduated from size S to size M at the hips. 

The only big problem with this pattern is the V-neckline x 2: front AND back.

Well, for me anyway

I did pull out all my tricks to make it work: interfacing the point, marking the seam line, reinforcing stitching, notching…

But nothing works. I always screw up more or less.

The neckline is supported by clear elastic to maintain elasticity over time.

Finally, the hem band is quite tight but not unpleasant. This allows the Cannes t-shirt to sit well on the hips, taut, a bit like a bodysuit without panties.


I really like my Cannes t-shirt, basic but not too basic.

I’ll definitely sew some more but with a f*** round neckline. Sorry. I’m fed up with all the problems with V-necklines.

Maybe for the summer with short sleeves.

Which reminds me, I’m thinking more and more about projects for the summer that I hadn’t planned or even imagined in my 2020 plans in January. It’s a bit like shopping when you’re starving: you only buy what you want to eat right now. 

Anyyyyway. Maybe I’ll do an update soon.

And that’all folks.

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3 Commentaires

  • 1 May 2021 at 07:31

    Ah ! Je ne suis donc pas la seule à galérer avec les encolures en V. Bon, sur tes photos on ne voit aucun défaut. Et franchement ce tee-shirt c’est de la bombe. Quel décolleté de malade ! Tu es magnifique.

  • 1 May 2021 at 11:51

    Oui honnêtement on ne voit pas de défaut sur la pointe de l’encolure. Bon moi je ne suis pas une fan des cols V ce qui fait que j’évite ce genre de problème!! Je préfère les encolures rondes voire carrées, ça j’adore.. Ce n’est pas un Tshirt pour moi, je n’aime pas quand on voit les bretelles du soutif même si elles sont jolies comme les tiennes!! Le décolleté dos est superbe!

  • 4 May 2021 at 09:30
    Marie-Hélène windrif-Hochet

    Bravo, quel joli modèle. Et joliment réalisé. Bravo !!


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