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Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Top Maya (La Maison Victor) et linen knit

The Maya top comes from La Maison Victor of July / August 2018 … a little gift from my Môman for the holidays.

In this issue, I especially noticed the Sunset shorts … so it’s quite logical that I sewed the top Maya first!

Top Maya juillet/août 2018 La Maison Victor 1 8,95 €
Jersey de lin Tissus de Rêve 1,4 m 9,66 €
Fil à broder DMC 4514 Modes & Travaux 1 1,50 €
Fil Fil 2000 1 2,50 €
Total 22,61 €

Le top Maya : pattern & fabric

Sewing a pattern from La Maison Victor was a first for me. Well, nothing to say: the patterns sheets are all very readable, easy to trace. The explanations are clear and easy to follow … although the Maya doesn’t really challenges my competences as my seamstress skills.

The Maya top is a loose top pattern for jersey & knit with front yoke, flat pleats and 3/4 sleeves. All very straightforward.

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Linen jersey, although dit test my competences…… the linen knit stretch under the presser foot and get distorted and, in the end, the seam isn’t very flat nor flattering…

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

In the end, I had to go to the rescue of my neckband that was gaping like the abyss of Khazad-dûm… explaining the littlebox pleat in the back and the embroidery on the neckband.

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Embroidery & details on the Maya top

The neckline of the Maya top is normally made with a neck band as on a classic t-shirt.

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Except that it did not work at all like it should have, due to the linen jersey. The neckline gaped and gaped. So I folded it, then topstitched it and finally, I decided to make an embroidery to maintain it.

For this, I embroidered with a chevron stitch with a DMC color gradient thread No. 4514.

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Otherwise, the linen jersey, just like the woven linen fabrics, marks very well the folds when ironing.

The seams tends to follow the steps of a drunken guy as the fabric moves, slacken and show no resilience what so ever.

Top Maya La Maison Victor Jersey Lin

Review of the Mayan top

Sewn in size 36, this little top is a win to wear with normal to low rise bottoms. It is a good basic that could be hacked very easily!

And beware of the incoming Black Friday for your credit card and your fabric stash!


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