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Sewing the style 2 Darcey bra

After my pretty style 3 Darceys, I decided to sew a style 2 Darcey bra, ie with a triangle shape and a plunging neckline. Having finally found a nice stretch mesh at Éco-Laines in Rennes during my holidays in Brittany (thank you Mom!), I was able to make a lined version with a very soft…Lire plus

Sewing the Queenie Bralette: ups & down • #5

Hellooo! Welcome back to my Lingerie adventures with today’s Queenie Bra! When I started working on the Queenie bralette, I was surfing on my first lingerie success thanks to Evie La Luve and her Darcey pattern. Nevertheless, still full of wisdom, I started with a toile in my trusty stripy jersey that you have seen…Lire plus