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Keyhole add-on x Darcey bra x Envol panties = subtraction

While I’ve already sewn all the styles of the Darcey bra, the Keyhole addon was missing from the collection. Adding a hole or subtracting fabric, that’s to be seen…. But as long as I was in the theme, I sewed an Envol panty by Étoffe Malicieuse with its delicious cutout on the backside! Des p’tits…Lire plus

A Grasser bodysuit n°696 with square neckline

Back to sewing with this Grasser 696 bodysuit, the second piece of my outfit for the endometriosis fashion show I participated in March. Ma Petite Mercerie, partner of the event, had offered us gift vouchers to provide us with fabric & material. I found this puffin jersey between funny and cute which could not but…Lire plus

Hyacinth bralette (Ohhh Lulu • free pattern)

Oh la la! Let’s continue the Christmas saga with the Hyacinth bra by Ohhh Lulu, a free pull-on bralette pattern that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. This time the gift is for my other sister who has a preference for easy-to-forget lingerie. So I went for a simple outfit but in a…Lire plus