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The leggings Inspire, Moto add-on (Green style Creations)

This Inspire legging “Moto style” is the second piece sewn in my double-sided “cotton” jersey coupon after the Garnet cardigan. As a result, I now have a matching “set”, a twin-set amost, a cardigan-leggings suit that is the epitome of casualness. And frankly, I would have laughed slightly in the face of anyone telling me…Lire plus

Clyde Work Pant (Elizabeth Suzann • free pattern)

The Clyde Work Pant is exactly the kind of pants I like to wear in summer, and especially when traveling: relaxed fit, elastic waist, large pockets. Practical for all the days of transit, in plane, train, bus or boat, it must be light, comfortable and easy to maintain. Da, da, da… Will it fulfill the…Lire plus

Orlando pants: 1940’s comfort (P&M Patterns)

As is often the case, the Orlando pants have been lingering in a corner of my head and Pinterest for a long time. And then someone mentioned a beautiful viscose twill at Bennytex that looked perfect for this pattern. I vaguely wondered if I rrrrreally needed a new pair of navy wide pants. The answer…Lire plus

Coudre un pantalon palazzo en viscose (Couture Actuelle n°20)

J’ai toujours kiffé les pantalons palazzo et les pantalons larges en général. D’ailleurs, si on remonte dans mes projets, on trouve le Haut Pantalon de feu-Louis Antoinette & le pantalon Parasol d’Ensemble Patterns… sans compter ceux du commerce toujours dans mon dressing. Sans parler de ceux dont l’existence se limite pour l’instant à quelques neurones dans…Lire plus