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Garnet Cardigan (free pattern • Mood)

For this Garnet cardigan, I could have given you a super lyrical intro about the return of fall. The chilly & damp mornings, the wind in the trees and the joy of a steaming cup of tea while watching the rain fall. But, let’s be honest: I’m neither very lyrical, nor so organized that I…Lire plus

10 patrons gratuits de tops à manches kimono

Les patrons gratuits de tops à manches kimono sont des modèles souvent proposés par les marques de patron. C’est un basique rapide à coudre, économe en tissu et très facile à porter. Accessoirement, ça offre un premier contact avec la marque sans demander pour celle-ci un investissement en patronage trop important… Car, hé, c’est un...Lire plus

A Freya x Lago tank dress (free pattern hack)

Since summer seems to be catching up with September, I’d like to take this opportunity to show you my Lago dress. This dress is actually a mix between the Lago tank top from Itch to Stitch (free pattern) and the Freya dress from Tilly and the Buttons. Basically, I extended the Lago tank top using…Lire plus

Clyde Work Pant (Elizabeth Suzann • free pattern)

The Clyde Work Pant is exactly the kind of pants I like to wear in summer, and especially when traveling: relaxed fit, elastic waist, large pockets. Practical for all the days of transit, in plane, train, bus or boat, it must be light, comfortable and easy to maintain. Da, da, da… Will it fulfill the…Lire plus

40K Sway Top (Ginger & George • free pattern)

In my series of basic-but-not-too-basic t-shirts, the 40K Sway Top from Ginger and George also plays the original neckline card. The fact that it’s a free pattern doesn’t detract from its charm. This is the last of the winter series since this one has already migrated to the land of the unseasonal clothes drawer. Will…Lire plus