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Tag / patron indépendant

The leggings Inspire, Moto add-on (Green style Creations)

This Inspire legging “Moto style” is the second piece sewn in my double-sided “cotton” jersey coupon after the Garnet cardigan. As a result, I now have a matching “set”, a twin-set amost, a cardigan-leggings suit that is the epitome of casualness. And frankly, I would have laughed slightly in the face of anyone telling me…Lire plus

Garnet Cardigan (free pattern • Mood)

For this Garnet cardigan, I could have given you a super lyrical intro about the return of fall. The chilly & damp mornings, the wind in the trees and the joy of a steaming cup of tea while watching the rain fall. But, let’s be honest: I’m neither very lyrical, nor so organized that I…Lire plus

Seachange Jumpsuit in silk (Pattern Emporium)

This Seachange Jumpsuit is an unexpected, a hair in the soup of my sewing program whose genesis was entirely dictated by this pink zebra silk coupon that had slipped into my Instagram feed….  Pink zebra silk. I immediately fell in love with it and jumped on it despite its substantial price tag. And at the…Lire plus

La casquette YMMD (You Made My Day)

Le patron de la casquette YMMD est sorti gratuitement pendant 24 h en juin 2021. Bien entendu, en fan de chapeaux, je me suis jetée dessus comme la misère sur le monde. Malheureusement je n’ai pas eu le temps de la coudre avant de partir en Grèce… tout juste de découper les pièces que j’avais…Lire plus

Clyde Work Pant (Elizabeth Suzann • free pattern)

The Clyde Work Pant is exactly the kind of pants I like to wear in summer, and especially when traveling: relaxed fit, elastic waist, large pockets. Practical for all the days of transit, in plane, train, bus or boat, it must be light, comfortable and easy to maintain. Da, da, da… Will it fulfill the…Lire plus

Trio du t-shirt Le Trio (La Jolie Girafe)

Le t-shirt Trio était déjà passé sous ma machine il y a fort longtemps sous la forme d’un sweat offert à ma nièce… et il faut croire qu’il a une tête à finir en cadeau puisque des 3 présentes en-dessous, 2 ont été offerts. Il faut dire que c’est une coupe assez loose… ce qui…Lire plus