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Top Rushcutter de In The Folds

Sewing a Rushcutter top

This week, it was soooo hot, so I wanted to talk to you about the top Rushcutter that allowed me to go through the heatwave & air-conditioned offices in all coolitude. This top is actually an adaptation of the pattern of the Rushcutter dress by In The Fold. Made in a ramie fabric, this top…Lire plus

Sewing the Pixie Tee (Chalk and Notch)

I grabbed the Pixie Tee pattern at the time of it’s release while the designer, Chalk & Notch, offered it for free for a few days. Honestly, I do not think I would have bought it otherwise … but in the end, I’m very happy with this slightly oversized t-shirt with an elasticated waist. ITEM…Lire plus

Coudre la blouse Adrienne (Friday Pattern Company)

Franchement, cette blouse Adrienne, j’ai vraiment vraiment essayé d’y résister pendant au moins une semaine… Mais bombardée de trop de versions géniales sur Instagram – le réseau qui a remplacé l’héroïne (même regard absent et temps qui passe sans qu’on comprenne comment) -, j’ai craqué. Idem pour ce tissu Albstoffe de ouf… bio ET magnifique,…Lire plus