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Tag / Vert canard & turquoise

Sewing the Queenie Bralette: ups & down • #5

Hellooo! Welcome back to my Lingerie adventures with today’s Queenie Bra! When I started working on the Queenie bralette, I was surfing on my first lingerie success thanks to Evie La Luve and her Darcey pattern. Nevertheless, still full of wisdom, I started with a toile in my trusty stripy jersey that you have seen…Lire plus

Sewing The Parasol shorts

Sooooo! Go go go! Let’s say it’s time to wear shorts, and especially the Parasol shorts! It was high time that I shook myself to sew this pattern, bought at the time of its release in October 2018. Moreover, what a treat, you’ll be able to take a good look on my “derriere” because when…Lire plus

Coudre la blouse Adrienne (Friday Pattern Company)

Franchement, cette blouse Adrienne, j’ai vraiment vraiment essayé d’y résister pendant au moins une semaine… Mais bombardée de trop de versions géniales sur Instagram – le réseau qui a remplacé l’héroïne (même regard absent et temps qui passe sans qu’on comprenne comment) -, j’ai craqué. Idem pour ce tissu Albstoffe de ouf… bio ET magnifique,…Lire plus